The perfect strike -by Paul Baldacchino during Malta Open

Cycling in Sicily

I cannot count the number of times I have toured Sicily's country side. I have now switched from car touring to cycling.  Luckily my familiarity with  the country roads helps me to select the best cycling routes with less traffic density and the best views.
East Route 116km:    Pozzallo; Lungomare Pietre Nere; Marza; Granelli;  Pachino; Maucini, Portopalo; Capo Passero; Marzamemi; Vendicari; Noto; Rosolini; Ispica; Bove Marino, Pozzallo centro; Pozzallo Porto.  
West Route 128km:  Pozzallo, Sampieri, Scicli, Santa Croce, Kastalja;Scoglitti, Maghialonga; Bracetto, Marina di Ragusa; Donnalucata; Plaia Grande; Marina di Modica; Pozzallo centro, Porto
Modica Valleys Route: 130m: Pozallo; Sampieri; Scicli; Fiumara; Modica; Ragusa; Santa Rosalia; Giaratana; Scicli; Pozzallo
Palazzolo route: Pozzallo, Cava D'Ispica, Frigintini, San Giacomo, Montesano, Palazzolo, Cava Grande.
Torre Gabrera -walkway

Lungomare Pietre Nere -at the 3rd kilometer of the route
Portopalo - almost halfway along the route

Marzamemi - halfway mark- excellent Granita! 

Piazza at Marzamemi village -small fishermen harbour + good food


NOTO - Corso Vit Emmanuele III

Noto is reached after a long uphill cycle along the SP19
and then along Via Napoli to the centre.  

Pachino church
Ciclope Bar -Granita break at Pachino

Riding along the salt lakes at Granelli on the way to Portopalo
Noto steps 


Calamosche beach, reachable by MTB only.  After Vendicari, on way to NOTO.  In summer, entrance to beach is by payment and bikes have to be left at entrance, 500m away.
Capopassero - short stop for a foto of 'Isola dei Correnti'
2nd Trip;  Pozzallo/ Sampieri/Scicli/ Santa Croce/ Scoglietti/Punta Secca/ Marina di Modica/ Pozzallo
Marina Di Ragusa -via Brin

Scicli - Valverde

SCICLI centro
Scicli - view from Piazza Italia

Irminio - Scicli

Bridge over the IRMINIO -along SP37 Scicli - Santa Croce
Scicli valverde
Paul Baldacchino @ Marina di Ragusa - Piazza Malta

ciclisti Maltesi a SCICLI

Malta & Sicily from space
2013 Trip with Cyclists;  Vince; Vincent; Stanley; Joseph; Joseph; Kevin, David, Victor; Mario; Mario;  Tonio;  Paul;
8:00am start at TORRE CABRERA walkway
WW2 Sicily D-Day Beach Invasion Monumnt -Granelli


Maucini ruins

Maltese cyclists block the NOTO cathedral
pasta please


    Traffic-free roads in the Maucini/ Granelli/ Portopalo countryside

Cyclists in chapel

September 2013  -120km  Scicli - Sgoglitti- Marina di Ragusa


ALIA (Palermo)  2014 - Pippa's Paddock

Palazzolo   Belvedere at Akrai  2015
MODICA VALLEYS 2014:  128km route