The perfect strike -by Paul Baldacchino during Malta Open

Living in Malta -1

- mild temperatures most of the year
- everywhere is a short ride away
- swimming 6 months a year
- solidarity
- original Renzo Piano plans for Valletta
- Comino in Spring
- views from Upper Barrakka gardens
- Mdina
- keen and motivated sport communities (Bowling/ Cycling/ Sailing/ Golf/ Rugby...)
- cyling along victoria lines & west side of the island
- beating Italy in Bowling

- heatwaves in August
- more greenery please
- inadequate cycling lanes
- slow drivers obstructing traffic
- bottles in the Triton rather than coins as in the Trevi
- speed cameras in the safest stretches rather than in black spots
- too many Maltese obsessed with politics
- not enough Maltese obsessed with active participation in sports
- retail prices
- flow of traffic obstructed by roundabouts & traffic lights rather than building underpasses/bridges..
- absence of 2nd Bowling centre

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