The perfect strike -by Paul Baldacchino during Malta Open

recovering from another injury!

After merely recovering from the trauma of tearing my anterior cruciate ligament during 5-a-side football, I find myself nursing another serious injury with a multi-fracture of my left wrist (bowling with the right!).  I have to carry a strange looking appendage to my wrist with pins secured deep in my bone structure.  Please don't bump into me...
I fell off my mountain bike going downhill at over 40km/h when an erratic driver forced me to break suddenly at a corner.  Despite my experience in handling the bike, I was cheated by a spread of gravel and i spun off!
I am planning a recovery training programme as I aim to do well in the Malta national bowling championships commencing 1st July*. I will need to work hard to regain body coordination and fitness in just 2 months.  I will be back on my bike as soon as I develop sufficient muscle power to safely pull on the brakes.  Maybe riding under 25km/h....for the first week.
*UPDATE: eventually, I managed 3rd place in the National Championships!

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